Please Don't Touch

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Harnessing the power of nostalgia, All White No Hype & atHome presents “Please Don’t Touch” a modern-day celebration of Black British heritage that explores the parallels between the front room of the Windrush generation and sneaker culture.

Through the use of photographic documentation, conceptualised photoshoots and filmmaking we want to immortalise the room. We believe this will help illustrate how both past and present generations have contributed to society via a common thread that they both hold.

This common thread is better known as conspicuous consumption “the public displaying of luxury goods to gain status within a socio-economic system”. The aim of this project is to demonstrate how black brits have contributed to the origins and evolution of modern-day sneaker culture through this practice.

With this awareness being made we hope the community will gain a greater sense of self-value rather than it being found in the next hype release.

We’re currently on the hunt to document any remaining front rooms. The final aim is to compile all of our findings into a book publication.

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